Breaking the stereotypes, one wedding at a time

Breaking the stereotypes,one wedding at a time.
When the whole world is trying to move towards a proggressive mentality, how could the weddings be any different? In this article, we’ll read about two such recent weddings that have won over the hearts on social platforms.
A wedding with no Male Purohit and Kanyadaan.
On any social media currently, the photographs of a wedding are going viral that have won the appreciation from the netizens. The uniqueness of the wedding was that there was no male purohit reciting the mantras. Now you may think how can a bengali wedding possibly happen without the presence of a Purohit. In this wedding, all the rituals were presided over by a group of female pandits gracefully chanting the scriptures in Bengali amid some of Tagore’s most melodious songs. This was the wedding of the daughter of Dr Amlan Ray. Dr Ray’s refusal to follow the archaic tradition of Kanyadaan was the icing on the cake. According to him, his daughter was not just some commodity that he could give way and this was the reason behind him taking this decision. He also gave a speech on taking the decision of not doing kanyadaan. The family won the internet over with their progressive thinking.

Image courtesy- Asmita Ghosh

Refusing to bow down to archaic traditions.

Whenever we think of bidaai, the image that pops up in our minds is of a gloomy setting with all the relatives shedding tears and a demure bride in smudged makeup. But breaking the tradition, a bride can be seen laughing and enjoying the moments of her bidaai in a video trending over Facebook and twitter. During a ritual called ‘Kanakanjali’, wherein, she is supposed to throw rice from the back at her parents while leaving for her in-laws’ house, gives an epic reply when a relative present there, tells her that today you have repaid all your parent’s debt (through this ritual), to which she confidently blurts out, “You can never repay parent’s debt!”. In the later part of the video, she can be seen bidding goodbye to her family with boldness and joy rather than shedding tears. She even promises to visit her family whenever she desire’s as it is her parent’s house. This bride from Begampur, West Bengal was appraised by the netizens for her boldness.

Stories like these show us how the world is moving towards being a society based on equality and a progressive mentality, one baby step at a time.

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