A ‘Casteless Wedding’: The story of Sachin and Sharvari.

When the whole coutry is is tormented by the evil like honour killings just because two lovers belong to different castes,a Pune based couple showed everyone how to move forward from the darkness towards like by conducting a casteless wedding.

Courtesy: Sachin AshaSubhash.

Sachin Asha Subhash and Sharvari Surekha Arun, are active social workers from Maharasta. They met each other through their works and with time realized how perfect they were for each other. They believe in building a progressive society So according to them, if they themselves didn’t perform what they preached,it would have been hypocrisy. So for their wedding on January 26, both Sachin and Sarvari replaced their surnames with the first names of their parents’. They even head a constitutional wedding where instead of any priest, a friend of them sat with them on the stage and recited seven customized vows for them to repeat.

Courtesy: Sachin AshaSubhash.

Not only this, they even ditched the notion of spending a fortune on the wedding. Sharvari has a flare for calligraphy so she herself wrote the wedding invitations. They even chose January 26, the Republic Day of India to be the D-Day for their ‘Constitutional Marriage”. The couple invited around 1000 guests to the ceremony and for wedding presents, they insisted upon only books!

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